Introducing the Year Disrupted Podcast

Why we decided to make our journey public and create a podcast as we quit our jobs, become digital nomads, and see the world.

Year Disrupted Podcast

Year Disrupted Podcast

I remember exactly where we were when we decided to create our Year Disrupted podcast. We had already decided that our living and working abroad for 2020 was something that we both really wanted to do. However, we were still working through our fear and the feasibility of next year.

We knew 2020 was the year to travel the world, but we hadn’t worked out the finer details. One night, Abhi surprised me with a spontaneous Friday night camping trip. We had both been working really hard and could’ve used a change of scenery.

We stayed in the mountains one night and headed out early the next morning back to Orange County. During our car ride, we discussed the topic of next year.

I told Abhi that if we did this, we should tap into the local communities of people doing exactly what we wanted to do. That way, we could make friends with similar lifestyles and learn from them.

“What if we did?” said Abhi, looking at me seriously. It is a phrase of his that I’ve grown to love. When he says What if we did, it usually means he’s ready to logically think through how it would work. Abhi’s an extremely logical and thoughtful person so he doesn’t throw that phrase around often but when he does, he means it.

He continued, “What if we made a podcast about that? That’s something that would add real value.”

I agreed excitedly. He was right.

Abhi and I both love creative projects. We toyed with the idea of a podcast in the past, but we couldn’t decide on a completely original idea. When then researched other podcasts and resources that mirrored our new idea. We didn’t find much that already existed, which made us all the more excited. Many were inactive, poorly produced, or just plain boring.

After more thinking, we decided that if we did “make next year happen,” then the podcast would be a part of it.

No, we are not experts. And no, we haven’t been doing this for a long time. In fact, we’re at the very beginning. However, I believe that there’s no true way to quantify an expert in this lifestyle. In the corporate world, you have directors, C-level positions, and VP’s, all of which mean different things at different companies. How can you classify somebody who lives the way they want, explores their passions and business ideas, and sustains their lifestyle in a way that feels comfortable? Plus, given the overwhelming amount of sponsored content and clickbait floating around in the digital world, we wanted a refreshingly honest story.

So, when we decided to officially begin planning, we bought the microphones and researched the tricks of the trade. We spent hours discussing our mission statement, the tone we wanted to convey, and the stories we wanted to tell. Then, we decided to prioritize honesty, candidness, and humor. We promised we would bring interesting guests who know more than we do about living disrupted. In fact, we had about a million off-mic quarrels and recorded the first podcast at least 6 times.

Now we’re so excited to say that we’ve officially released our Year Disrupted podcast on our website, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. In doing so, we’re giving others a front-row seat to our journey into the digital nomad life. We hope to give you a first-hand account of the places we go and the people we meet.

We hope you join us on our journey as we live and work our way across the world.

You can listen to our podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and here.

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