Best Working Cafes in Koh Phangan

Need to get some work done? You don’t want to miss these best working cafes in Koh Phangan.

Koh Phangan is the fifth-largest island situated in Thailand with over twenty mind-blowing beaches and a white powdery coastline of approximately 45 km. Living by the beach in Koh Phangan is a dream of a digital nomad – perfect for slow travelers who are looking to unwind far away from the stress of urban life. It is known for its full moon parties that are held every month, and lots of water activities that are hard to resist. 

We are happily quarantined here for three months now, surrounded by turquoise waters successfully dodging the coronavirus so far. We have been focusing on our business goals for this year and accomplishing them step by step to make progress in our business. During our time, we frequented several best coffee shops in Koh Phangan, where we work with some great coffee in hand and high-speed internet access. Let’s dive in and find out about the best places to work in Koh Phangan. If you get hungry, don’t forget to check out our list of best restaurants in Koh Phangan.

La Casa Tropicana

Best Cafes in Koh Phangan
Courtesy of Year Disrupted

La Casa Tropicana is designed, keeping in mind the digital nomads who visit Koh Phangan. This property is located at the beachfront. It’s a co-working space that offers a combination of fantastic coffee with breathtaking views of the ocean – helping you increase your productivity. But the food is a bit expensive, and it’s a little hard to find a pleasant spot to sit outdoors.

Tomorrow High Life

Best Cafe Tomorrow High Life
Courtesy of Trip Advisor

Tomorrow High Life is a nice hang out space for working with incredible views, especially of the stunning sunset. You can sit by the pool or upstairs. This place offers delicious food and is not very noisy. The only problem is you don’t have the option of sitting indoors, and it’s a bit pricey as well. 

Indigo Specialty Coffee & Bakery

Indigo Specialty Coffee
Indigo Specialty Coffee

One of the best places to work, Indigo is a very charming and modern coffer shop where food and the drinks menu is vast. You will find a wide variety of vegan dishes as well—a great place to work with full productivity, sipping a strong espresso. If you need a quieter place, you can sit upstairs. Anyhow, the area can get a little overcrowded sometimes. 

Bubba’s Coffee

Bubba's Coffee Shop
Courtesy of Trip Advisor

At Bubba’s the staff is quite friendly and they take their coffees very seriously – they roast it right there! They are the coffee fanatics who serve coffee straight from the source. Besides coffee, you can enjoy delicious and fresh breakfast and lunch at Bubba’s. You can spend a productive day in front of your laptop with a few plugs around. Sometimes, it gets a little hard to focus when the place becomes too noisy. 

Dot’s Coffee

Dot's Coffee Shop Cafe
Courtesy of Trip Advisor

Dot’s is one of the most hyped among the other cafes in Koh Phangan due to its prime location and, of course, great coffee! You will find lots of digital nomads working in this café, so the atmosphere is excellent with stylish interiors. Their tea menu is impressive.

However, it gets a little hard sometimes to find a lovely space to work. The drinks are pricey but worth it. Dot’s doesn’t have an extensive food menu so it’s always a good idea to grab some food nearby.

What’s Cup

What's Cup Cafe
Courtesy of Love and Compass

What’s Cup is a small cafe where you can work conveniently with an excellent menu while admiring the fantastic ocean view. You will find plenty of healthy options as well; all types of plant milk is also available. It’s a peaceful place that is quite affordable as well. Though, it gets a little hard to find space sometimes. 

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