Amazing Places to Visit in Rajasthan, India

Looking for the top places to visit in Rajasthan, India? Check out our tips on the two cities you don’t want to miss.

Amazing places to visit in Rajasthan India

Imagine exploring a desert state in all its vibrant shades, including the romance of majestic forts, desert dunes, and camel caravans? This, my friends, was Rajasthan. Rajasthan is a region in India covered by the Thar Desert and also extends into Pakistan, Gujarat, and Punjab. This region is actually the most populous arid zone in the world, and most of the area is covered by scrub vegetation and villagers that maintain the rich desert culture. There are three ancient and atmospheric cities that people regularly visit in this region, and they are all blessed with historic forts and stunning landscapes. Jodhpur is located halfway between the towns in eastern Rajasthan and the wild west of the state. Bikaner is the second, and the last is the remote desert city called Jaisalmer popularly known for desert safaris. 

Out of all the places to visit in Rajasthan, we made our way through Jodhpur and Jaisalmer during a long weekend trip. We can honestly say that we’ve never experienced anything like it before. 

Places to Visit in Rajasthan – Jaisalmer

 History of Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is popularly referred to as “The Golden City,” for the yellow sandstone in every building. Jaisalmer is in the heart of the desert and riding around the town makes you feel like you’re being transported back in time. It honestly felt like we were on set for Game of Thrones. 

What to do in Jaisalmer

The Jaisalmer fort 

Jaisalmer Fort
View from the royal palace in the Jaisalmer Fort

The Jaisalmer fort is one of the main highlights of the city. Have you ever thought of living in a fort? If yes, Jaisalmer is the only place in the world where you can get the opportunity to do so. This is a town where you can find cafes, hotels, restaurants, shops, and homes inside the Jaisalmer Fort, which is still owned by the original family lineage that built it. The Jaisalmer Fort is the largest in the world and its city walls are beautifully maintained. Jaisalmer fort was built by 17 kings between the 12th and 18th centuries, and it is better referred to as the Golden Fort.

You can tour the fort by hiring a local guide or exploring at your own leisure. 

Within the fort, you can tour the main palace, several impressive Jain temples, and catch a spectacular view of the rest of the city.

Places to visit in Rajasthan Jaisalmer fort Year Disrupted
Jaisalmer Fort

Camel Safari and sunset on the Sam Sand Dunes

Places to visit in Rajasthan camel riding sand dunes
Camel Riding in the dunes

This is a must-visit for tourists in Jaisalmer. You can also go on a camel safari and as well see how the sun melts into the dunes. It is best to go around sunset, as it makes for a breathtaking scene. After the camel safari, ensure you have a peek into their culture by watching the traditional Rajasthani performance. 

Places to visit in Rajasthan Year Disrupted India
Be sure to visit the dunes at sunset
Places to visit in Rajasthan Jaisalmer desert dancing
We stayed to watch some traditional dancing

Places to visit in Rajasthan – Jodhpur 

About Jodhpur

Jodhpur is the second-largest city and second metropolitan city in Rajasthan. Historically, the town used to be the capital of the Marwar kingdom, which is now a popular tourist destination featuring temples, palaces, and forts. The city is nicknamed the blue city because most of the houses there are painted blue to escape from the heat. During our time in Jodhpur, we stayed at the Ajit Bhawan, a heritage hotel straight out of the 1920s.

Ajit Bhawan

What to do Jodhpur

The Mehrangarh Fort 

Places to visit in Rajasthan Mehrangarh Fort
Mehrangarh Fort

We spent our last day visiting Rajasthan, exploring this magnificent and fort tower that gives you a lance of the big city. 

The Mehrangarh Fort used to be the former sear of power of the Rathore Dynasty. If you want to enjoy a detailed tour, ensure you get a guide or an audio guide that will take you to different areas and tell you the tales that relate to the regions. 

Jaswant Thada 

Jaswant Thada
Jaswant Thada 

Popularly called the Taj Mahal of Rajasthan is a marble structure situated close to the Fort. This structure is a royal memorial of the past Jodhpur rulers. Maharaja Sardar Singh built it in memory of his father. 

In Conclusion: So many amazing places to visit in Rajasthan

Year Disrupted travel couple
Overall we had a marvelous time

Although our visit to the desert region was short, we found no shortage of places to visit in Rajasthan. Whether it was the unique cultural and religious traditions, fantastic food, and awe-inspiring buildings, this region was the main highlight of our trip to India.

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