Disrupting Ourselves

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In February of 2019, we found a huge discrepancy between what we were doing and what we wanted to do. We made a list of what we wanted to do and who we wanted to be over the next 12 months only to find that it had nothing to do with our current jobs and day to day grind.

What we did discover, however, was how much our goals involved travel and owning our own businesses. As two passionate travelers, we realized that the two weeks of vacation per year just wasn’t cutting it. So, we decided to disrupt everything about our lives.

Before we set out on this journey, we thought that working and traveling were completely incompatible. I used to believe that I would need to save up around 20K to travel the world for a year. In other words, a year of travel meant going broke.

But then we started asking ourselves some serious questions. What if we didn’t stop working? In fact, what if we only worked on the things we loved doing most to focus on what we really wanted out of life? What if we did this while traveling the world!

A few months later, we had booked a one-way ticket to Colombia, on a mission to spend 2020 traveling the world all while generating income. We’re so excited about this experiment that we want to bring you, our readers, along with us so we can share the tips, tricks, and insights that we learn along the way.

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Check out this podcast episode where we talk about our "why" that ultimately led us to taking the huge leap of quitting our jobs, selling all of our stuff, and deciding to travel the world while working remotely.

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